The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Some Queensland teachers have been threatened with Code of Conduct procedures if they fail to implement the new Australian curriculum materials in their entirety.
Some Queensland teachers have been advised that the new Australian curriculum materials can be adapted to suit their students.
Other teachers have been advised by their principals that they have to implement the materials as provided in their entirety and that to refuse to do so (or modify them) they would be subject to Code of Conduct procedures.
One Brisbane teacher comments : The difference between what teachers are told in public (that C2C is optional) and what their principals make clear to them is going to happen (you are teaching it) can be worlds apart.
Sam el Perro of Brisbane, Wormman of Brisbane and Heather Mercer, Reader's Comments 4,46 and 58 of 71, Chaos in schools, warn teachers as Australian curriculum rolled out, Tanya Chilcott, The Courier-Mail, 18 February 2012 : 
Queensland principals felt unfairly "threatened" in 2010. Their managers ordered them to lift school NAPLAN results "at all costs".

Queensland Association of State School Principals president Norm Hart said the message relayed by some Education Queensland officials in 2010 was : "Our jobs are on the line, so your jobs are on the line. Lift the NAPLAN results or else".

Norm Hart said an isolated number of principals in Queensland had "reported feeling uncomfortable or threatened by the way the message was relayed to them."

Education Queensland Director-General Julie Grantham and Education Minister Geoff Wilson said the department opposed any forms of bullying against staff.

School principals told to boost NAPLAN test results as students with greater needs were ignored, Tanya Chilcott, The Courier-Mail, 10 June 2010.

Robina Cosser comments : Queensland school principals are not only represented by the Queensland Teachers' Union, their interests are also represented by their Principals' Associations.

Queensland classroom teachers badly need a Queensland Classroom Teachers' Association to speak up about the workplace bullying that they experience.

Warwick teacher claims that the Queensland Teachers' Union threatened teachers.

A Rose City teacher claims that the Queensland Teachers' Union ( QTU ) used bullying tactics to force teachers to join the state-wide strike action.

A government teacher from the Warwick area, who did not wish to be named, said she “felt pressured” by the QTU into taking part in the strike.

“(Union members) went to a meeting and were told if the union instructed us to strike then you must follow otherwise you may not get backing (from the union) later on.”


QTU South Queensland organiser Kevin Bates responded to the claims union members were bullying teachers into taking action.

“We certainly would not take any action against union members who chose not to strike.”


Regional Directors and principals have threatened Queensland teachers with redundancy.

The National Assesment Program - Literacy and Numeracy tests (NAPLAN) is used to assess students' standards in each state.

NAPLAN ranked Queensland students second-last.

The Queensland Teachers Union's Steve Ryan says Education Queensland's regional directors and principals have told teachers to deliver improved results in NAPLAN -

- or face redundancy.




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