The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


"Teachers are Queensland's most stressed workers." - Safe Work Australia.
Teachers are Queensland's most stressed workers.

Applications for mental stress compensation leapt by a third in 2009-10 as teachers cracked under the pressure of classroom life, Safe Work Australia reveals.

Teachers make more compensation claims than any other industry in Queensland.


Safe Work Australia figures reveal teachers are Queensland's most stressed workers, The Sunday Mail (QLD), 21 October 2012 :

Teacher stress is the most significant issue impacting on education.

A candid conversation with most teachers would reveal a workforce under extreme stress.

Notwithstanding the findings and recommendations of the Gonski Review, teacher stress is the most significant issue impacting on education, and ultimately on student performance.

Constantly striving to address the content prescribed in the new syllabus ( Curriculum to Classroom ), preparing students for NAPLAN testing, along with the other daily demands completely unrelated to classroom teaching, exacerbated by intransigent public scrutiny has resulted in a disenchanted and exhausted body of professionals.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that a common refrain from many young teachers is that they cannot envisage a career in teaching spanning any more than a decade.

By then, they expect to be burnt out.

Moreover, teachers close to retirement long for the day.


Teachers expect career burnout, John Quinn, Manly, Letter to the Editor, Talking Point, P. 24, The Courier-Mail, 28 February 2012.

Ferny Grove State High School : teachers are stressed because of Federal Government funding problems at the school.
Ferny Grove State High School has warned the Federal Government that -
 * classrooms are becoming more disrupted,
 * student educational outcomes are suffering,
 * numerous programs are at risk,
 * the school is losing gifted and talented students,
 * some vocational education and training courses have class sizes more than double those recommended by TAFE.
 * and the Ferny Grove SHS teachers are more stressed -
 - because of funding constrictions at the school.

Brisbane school stressed by cuts, Tanya Chilcott, The Courier-Mail, 27 April 2011 :


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