The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Parents abuse and disrespect teachers.

My wife is a teacher.

Parental abuse and disrespect is an occupational hazard for teachers.

There is no profession in the world that people feel more comfortable demeaning, disrespecting and insulting than teaching.

Few of us would lay on an operating table arguing with a surgeon, but when it comes to teachers, parents all award themselves doctorates of education.

Hardworking teachers don't deserve to be abused by parents, Shane Budden, The Courier-Mail. 1 March, 2018

Some Queensland students come from families that have been unemployed for several generations. They see no need for their children to have an education.

Why are children in Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania outperforming Australian students?

Maybe the children and their parents from these countries understand that to prosper and survive you need a good education and this is why they honour and respect their teachers and don't treat schooling as just a compulsory road block to them enjoying a life of s-x, drugs and alcohol paid for by the taxpayer.

I would challenge you to spend a day in a state high school in a low socio-economic area and find out what it's like for teachers on the front line, trying to deliver an overloaded curriculum to students who have no interest in achieving anything.

Why should they want to better themselves?

Most of these kids are coming from families that have been unemployed for several generations, and don't see why their children shouldn't follow in their shallow footsteps. 

Fiona, Reader's Comment, Modern teaching methods not working in a system infused with Leftist ideology, Rowan Dean, The Courier-Mail, 5 December 2016

Principals need to be much more assertive with parents.

What is a nutter parent?

A nutter parent emails you about their child and then, if you do not respond in half an hour, they email you again, copying in the principal.


Principals need to be more assertive with parents.

Principals need to tell parents how to do their job properly - 

Teach your child good manners!

Don't indulge your child!

Make sure your child has a good breakfast!

Make sure your child gets enough sleep!


Speech delivered by Kathleen Noonan at the Queensland College of Teachers Excellence in Teaching Awards, Opinion: Teachers take a bow and keep that little bit of voodoo alive, Kathleen Noonan, The Courier-Mail, 4 November 2015

Wynnum State School : Man attacks his cousin with a knife while waiting for their children in the school car park.

On the morning of Wednesday 26 August 2015 , Daniel Thomas Dowson went to the police station to enquire about seized property - two firearms and a hunting knife.

He was on bail for a prior matter.

Dowson arrived at Wynnum State School car park at about 2.45pm.

There are unconfirmed reports that Dowson had recently been released from prison and he had come to visit his children.

Parents watched as Dowson argued with another man.

Witnesses told The Courier-Mail they heard Dowson yell "I want the kids, I've got a knife" seconds before he lunged at Michael Blackson.

Dowson struck at Mr Blackson with a 10cm knife held in a military-style reverse grip, Police Prosecutor Angela Tetley told the court the next day. 

"I'm going to kill you," she alleged Dowson told Mr Blackson.

"I noticed a teacher running through the front gate and calling 'shut the gate, lock the gate, we need to call the police," said one mother.

"And then I saw the principal running out of the office."

Neighbours were alerted to the sound of parents screaming as they arrived in their cars to pick up their children.

The two men were observed to be wrestling in the carport.

People were shouting "Stop it! Stop it!"

The men then fell to the ground.

After the stabbing Dowson fled inside the school grounds where children were leaving class at the end of the school day.

The school was in lockdown for up to 20 minutes and teachers were stationed at every exit.

An announcement was made over the school loudspeaker that for safety purposes the front gate would not be used for exiting the school.

Mr Blackson, aged 45, suffered two stab wounds to his face, two stab wounds to his back, one stab wound to his hand and a chunk of hair was taken from his scalp.

He was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a serious condition.

Mr Dowson, aged 34, suffered a minor facial cut and was taken to hospital in a police car.

Dowson appeared in court the next day.

He was self-represented.

He told the court he had been attacked by Mr Blackson, his cousin, and he had feared for his life. 

Dowson told Magistrate Zac Sarra he needed bail because he was an upright citizen and he needed bail so he could attend job interviews.

"I am an absolute stand-up person in the community," he told Magistrate Sarra.

"I don't do violence. I don't do drugs."

Magistrate Sarra urged Dowson to seek free legal advice, saying "I'm trying to protect your interests."

"Because you're stupid and you're not protecting yourself."

Dowson was denied bail.


Editor's Note : My thoughts are with the staff of this school at this time.  

Some schools need security guards at the school entrance at the start and end of the school day.

We need to accept that dangerous people are about in our community and we need to take precautions to protect our children.

This situation of teachers having to stand at the doors of the school, waiting for a mad-man with a knife is very worrying.



Man stabbed at Wynnum State School on Brisbane's bayside in front of children, parents, Stephanie Small and Francis Tapim, abc news 27 August 2015

Man stabbed in Brisbane school car park, AAP,, 26 August 2015

Man heard yelling "I want the kids, I've got a knife" before stabbing at Wynnum State School, Sam Phillips, Brittany Vonow, Rhian Deutrom, The Courier-Mail, 27 August 2015

QLD man remanded over school carpark stab, Alexandra Patrikios, AAP,, 27 August 2015

Blood in the school yard - Frenzied stabbing as kids watch in horror, Brittany Vonow and Rhian Deutrom, P.9, The Courier-Mail, 27 August 2015

Queensland school principal assaulted and threatened by  male parent.

A male parent went to a Queensland school office at 1.10pm on 26 November 2013.

He demanded to speak to the school principal.

His stepson had been suspended for three days.

The principal left a meeting and tried to pacify the parent.

The parent yelled and swore at the principal.

He punched the school principal in the face, called him a "dog" and used obscene language.

He threatened to drag the principal out the front of the school and "treat him like a dog" unless his stepson was allowed to return to school the next day.

He swung his right arm with a closed fist towards the principal but stopped before hitting the principal again.

A male bystander found the principal bleeding in the face in the school administration office.

He tried to intervene.

The male parent swore at the bystander, grabbed his shirt, punched him in the chest with a closed fist and pushed him.


The male parent threatened to hunt the principal down and kill him.



Dad earns ban with punch to principal, Kate McKenna, The Courier Mail, Saturday 31 August 2014.

Brisbane bayside school : mother hits teacher.

In August 2012 a mother was called to the principal's office at a Brisbane bayside school because the principal wanted to discuss her child's alleged harming of other students.

The mother abused and hit the teacher.

Wynnum police had to be called to the school.




Violent students a fail for parents, Kylie Lang, p.21, The Courier-Mail, Sunday 3 November 2013.

WorkCover Queensland may compensate Queensland teachers who have been threatened and abused by parents.

During the five years to July 2013, WorkCover Queensland have accepted the following claims for psychological injuries to Queensland teachers who have been involved in distressing and violent situations at school -

$113,631.11 - high workload, seven grades to teach, difficult parents.

$88,997.89 - punched by a parent.

$15,756.54 - threatened by a parent and told to hide if they wanted to be safe.



Teacher stress costs millions, Tanya Chilcott, Page 6, The Courier-Mail, 15 July, 2013

Schools excel in mental anguish, Tanya Chilcott, Page 9, The Courier-Mail, 16 July 2013.

Kelso State School, Townsville : mothers drop children off at school, then start to brawl.

On the morning of  Tuesday 15 October 2011 a mother dropped her child off outside Kelso State School in Townsville.

Then she attacked another child's mother.

She threw the other mother to the ground and kicked and punched her.

"The ... assault ... started over monetary issues regarding the payment for sale of a motor vehicle," Kirwan officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Gary Eddiehausen said.


"The first woman assaulted was in hospital for two-and-a-half days recovering after the woman and her boyfriend stomped on her head," said a mother from the school, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of being the next target.


On Thursday 17 October 2011 a vehicle pulled up outside Kelso State School and a mother jumped out and attacked two nearby mothers.

"The second attack, ... we're unsure what the motivation was, " said Kirwan officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Gary Eddiehausen.

"The first woman assaulted was punched to the ground where she was then viciously beaten suffering a number of injuries to the face, neck, head and lower back and it was right in front of the school."

"The suspect walked up to one of the women and punched her in the face and continued to punch and pull her hair - at least half a dozen times," Sen Sgt Gary Eddiehausen said.

"The victim's young child was yelling out 'stop hurting my mum' and it's alleged the suspect shoved the child back into the car.

"The third woman said not to touch the child and then the suspect starting assaulting her."


"The parent has been banned from the school for 60 days following alleged assaults on three people," said Education Queensland North Queensland regional director Mike Ludwig.


Mums in several brawls at Kelso State School in Townsville, The Courier-Mail, 20 November 2011 :

Mums turn violent outside school, Natalie Wynne, 19 November 2011 :

Bentley Park College, Cairns : student's mother threatens to punch the acting principal.

A few days later : the mother told Bentley Park College principal Peter Krugle that if the situation between her daughter and a student was not resolved to her satisfaction she would "deal with it by (her) own hands".

He took this as a threat against the student.

The mother was told not to re-enter the school premises.

July 23 2012 : a staff member allegedly overheard students talking about a mother chasing them and wanting to hit them.

The teacher asked the mother to leave the school grounds.

The mother left the school grounds, but she then proceeded to yell from the footpath, "come out here and I smash you, c'mon, I don't care."

The mother told the teacher that the children had been "cheeky" to her and she would smash them.

"I'll go to jail, I don't care," the mother said. 

July 24 2012 : after being told her daughter was being suspended, the woman allegedly went to the school and said: "I am going to hunt those girls down."

She then threatened to punch acting principal Kathryn Todd.

The mother was given a letter advising her that she was banned from the school's grounds.

"I am going to hunt those girls down, it may not be at school but I get 'em in Cairns," the mother responded.

"I'm going to f------ smash those little c----.

"This is because we are black".

The mother then left the school with her daughter but returned because her daughter had forgotten her bike.

While the mother was on the school grounds retrieving the bike, she called a teacher a "white c---" and told her she was going to punch her.

September 4 2012 : students told the deputy principal that they had been chased by the woman, her daughter and another relative, with the mother calling them "sluts", and they had run back to the school.



Mum banned after punching girl at Cairns school, Kay Dibben, The Sunday Mail, 23 December 2012 :

William Ross State High School, Townsville : teacher has to protect a "bully" female student from an angry mother who is waving her arms, swearing and threatening to slit the student's throat.

On 12 April 2011, a teacher at the William Ross State High School, Townsville, had to stand between mother Michelle Lynette Bible, 38, and a 15-year-old female student to prevent Ms Bible unleashing her fury on the "bully" student.

Ms Bible confronted the student - her daughter's alleged bully - in front of students and teachers, telling her "you're next on the hit list. You're going to get bashed".

Ms Bible was waving her arms, swearing and trying to get past the teacher to get to the female student.

Ms Bible continued her tirade, saying she was going to slit the student's throat.



I'll slit your throat: Mum confronts daughter's bully, Emma Channon, The Townsville Bulletin, 31 May 2013

Longreach State School : Sharon Kay, mother of a high school student, slaps the female principal of Longreach state school across her face.

5 April 2011 : The Longreach State School principal asked a male high school student to leave a school disco.

High school students were not permitted to attend the disco following incidents of vandalism at the school during a swimming carnival.

About 15 minutes later the student's mother, Sharon Kay, came into the school and began shouting.

She struck the female principal with an open hand across her face.

Ms Kay's assault of the Longreach State School principal was witnessed by students, parents and teachers.

Police were called to remove Ms Kay from the school.


Ms Kay subsequently pleaded guilty in the magistrate's court to charges of common assault and wilfully disturbing the good order or management of a state educational facility.

The Department of Education has banned Sharon Kay from entering the grounds of the Longreach State School for 60 days.
It has also applied to the Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal seeking an order for a one-year ban.
Education Queensland wants 12-month ban on mother who slapped Longreach school principal , Tony Keim, The Courier-Mail, 30 September 2011 :
Mirani State High School : mother calls the school principal a "f-cking trash mongrel d-ckhead".

A mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, repeatedly made violent threats towards staff at Mirani State High School in Mackay.

The woman had been called to the school to discuss her son's behaviour after he was accused of harassing a girl in year 8.

During the course of the woman's interview with Mirani State High principal Scott Cage she became increasingly aggressive.

She yelled: “I'll get that f---ing b-tch," referring to the victim of her son's harassment.

After Mr Cage asked her to leave the school grounds, the mother yelled words to the effect, “this is not f---ing over until I say it is”.

The woman's son was suspended later that day and when she returned to the school to collect him she abused Mr Cage again, calling him a “f---ing trash mongrel d-ckhead” and threatening to "smash the grin" off his face.

Mr Cage ordered the school's administration area be placed in lock-down.


After the October incident, the school applied to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal to have the mother banned from the grounds.

The matter was heard on April 2012.

Mirani State High School deputy principal Raymond Clarke told the tribunal the woman's behaviour was the worst example of "persistent, aggressive and threatening behaviour of any parent in his experience".


Another staff member said: “[The woman] is the most aggressive and abusive person I have ever dealt with.”



Swearing mother banned from son's school, Marissa Calligeros, The North West Star,  28 November 2012,

Mirani State High School : Mother Janelle Tronc told the principal that she was going to come and 'smash your head in, you (expletive) b_tch'.

Janelle Tronc's son had been suspended from the Mirani State High School for 20 days with a possibility of being permanently expelled.

So, on November 4 2010, Mrs Tronc phoned the Mirani State High School principal at home and abused and threatened her.

Mrs Tronc said, among other things: “I’m going to come and smash your head in, you (expletive) b_tch.”

The principal has since transferred to another school.


Mrs Tronc, 36,  has a history of insulting and abusing Education Queensland staff and other people.

She had a conviction in 1998 for using profane and insulting language.

She had a conviction in 2004 for using a phone service to menace, harass or threaten.

And she had a conviction in August 2008 for insulting a staff member at a Queensland Education institution.



Mum abused principal at home, Bruce Mckean, The Daily Mercury, 30th July  2011 :

Mackay North State High School : deputy-principal bashed by student's father.

A deputy-principal at Mackay North State High School has been bashed by the father of one of the students.

It is understood that the deputy principal was informing the man of his son's suspension when the father bashed the deputy principal, causing concussion.

The attack was so severe that the deputy-principal had to be taken to hospital.

He needed to have stitches in his face.


Parent bashes school deputy, Clare Chapman, The Daily Mercury, 13 February 2010.

Many Queensland school principals are bullied by small bands of vocal, volatile parents.

"No matter what issue confronts a school, many school principals get bullied by a small band of vocal, volatile parents," observes one Queensland school principal.

"While the great majority of parents ... have no problem with most decisions, this small band of vocal, volatile parents whip up such controversy that they get their way ..."



Everyone's right to say "I do", Kathleen Noonan, The Courier-Mail : 20 November 2010.


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