The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Older teachers suffer discrimination.

I am teaching in a Queensland State School that is being down-sized because of loss of enrolments for a number of reasons.

Every teacher selected for transfer is an out-of-favour older teacher.

Other out-of-favour older teachers are being targeted for forced ill-health retirement processes, Code of Conduct discipline investigations and Unsatisfactory Performance processes.

Every process starts with a trivial matter magnified into something more serious via gross exaggeration.

The District Office is in full support of the Principal. 

The union is no help because the Principal is a member of the same union.

Labor politicans refuse to take any action because the union will not take any action.

None of the various Beattie Government watchdogs have given any indication that they give a damn about this blatant bullying of older teachers.

If you do become a target, my advice is to find a good lawyer and start advocating for an end to public service control of state education .

Nothing is going to improve until the system is run by people who value education and what educators do.

"Totally Disenchanted", Queensland, July 26, 2007 - (original source lost).


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