The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Teachers should be aware that the accommodation situation in Queensland "boom and bust' towns can change very rapidly. 

Queensland Teachers' Union central Queensland organiser Barry Thomson said during his visit to Gladstone last week he was told by some teachers they were seeking transfers because they could not afford to remain in Gladstone.

"This is developing into quite a concern among teachers and the union," Mr Thomson said.

"The rents are going up and the teachers, particularly young teachers on a low wage, or teachers who were the sole income earners for their families."

He said other teachers had to travel long distances to and from school to be able to afford their accommodation.

The Queensland Department of Education has confirmed there were teaching vacancies in schools brought about by the lack of accommodation for teachers.

Teacher shortage is a real problem, Ren Lanzon, Gladstone Observer, 12 September 2011

November 2011 : teachers are refusing transfers to Gladstone because there is little teacher accommodation available and they cannot afford the rents in the town.

Queensland teachers can't afford to live in boom areas like Gladstone.

Three-bedroom homes can rent for above $750 a week.

Michelle Giles, a Gladstone teacher and member of the Queensland Teachers' Union accommodation committee, said 20 couples and 17 singles were already on the teacher housing waiting list, and the figure could only grow as transfers were assigned.

Mrs Giles said teachers were refusing transfers to the city because there was little government accommodation and they couldn't afford to rent.

"There are people saying 'I can't take the job because I can't get accommodation'," Mrs Giles said.

She said one teacher had taken leave of absence for a year and was trying to find employment elsewhere.

Robina Cosser says  : this is a really dangerous situation for Queensland teachers.

A 'forced transfer' to a remote or boom area could be used to bully a teacher into resignation.

Gladstone Salvation Army Captain Jeff Bush said there were also growing drug and alcohol problems in the area as locals felt the pressure and newcomers felt isolated.

No room at inn as mining boom turns to squeeze in Gladstone, Daniel Knowles, The Courier-Mail, 19 November 2011 

March 2013 : women warned about safety issues in Gladstone.

Having grown up in Gladstone, I now return to my home town to disover the ruins of what used to be a friendly, community-based society.

Today Gladstone has become nothing more than a construction site overrun by overpaid young workers looking to cause trouble.

One of my friends posted an alarming Facebook message recently expressing her concern for the safety of Gladstone women.

The post warned women about hotels, drink spiking and assaults.

"Gladstone is so dangerous now and it's getting worse!! Please be careful when you go out!!" She wrote.

Some of her friends proceeded to comment on why such an issues has not been in the news.

It's a great question.

During my time working at a popular Gladstone pub, I witnessed things no one should have to encounter.

This includes physical violence towards men and - much to my disgust - even men assaulting women.

Clearly this issue has not become public because victims are too intimidated to talk to police or anyone else.

Without official police records and trials, this horrible issue may never see the light of day.


Chris Clarke, Gladstone, Have Your Say, The Courier-Mail, March 2-3 2013

Moranbah, Roma, Karratha and Mackay : Queensland teachers cannot afford to rent accommodation in these areas.

Rents in Moranbah have sky-rocketed to up to $3000 per week for a standard three bedroom home.

The mining boom is having the same effect all around the country in places like Roma, Karratha and even bigger centres like Mackay.
How can these towns attract teachers when their pay does not even cover the rent?
How can teachers pay $3000 a week rent?


Labor inaction encouraging fly-in, fly-out : Barnaby Joyce Media Release :


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