The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Former secondary teacher : Truancy is the greatest hurdle to learning.

As a former secondary teacher, I believe that truancy is the greatest hurdle to learning.

If you are not at school, there is little chance of learning.

Both parents are often working and therefore unable to be contacted or are uninterested in their child's progress.

Bring back after hours truancy officers and things will improve.

Finally, it is attitude - many students see no value in education and consider it a punishment or a boring proposition wherein they should be continually entertained, choose what and how they will complete tasks (if at all), and think that they should be paid for their school attendance.

In fact, it bothers me that some of these students have rendered themselves unemployable - but then they have no intention of ever being employed.

Unintelligent ... no!

Unmotivated ... yes!

Barbara, Reader's Comment, Modern teaching methods not working in a system infused with Leftist ideology, Rowan Dean, The Courier-Mail, 5 December 2016


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