The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


A Queensland Teachers Union (QTU) member's story.
2006 : the teacher joined the QTU.

In 2006 this newly-graduated Queensland teacher began his teaching career.

He joined the QTU.

He remained a financial member of the QTU for the next six years.

2012 : the teacher alleges that he resigned from the QTU.

The teacher alleges that he hand-wrote a letter of resignation from the QTU in early 2012.

The teacher does remember receiving one letter from the QTU during 2012, but as he had resigned he presumed it was just junk mail and he threw the letter away.

The teacher moved house at the end of this year.

He did not advise the QTU of his new address as he had resigned.


The QTU did not contact him by phone (he had voicemail activated) or by email at any time during the next three years.

2015 : the QTU allegedly advise this teacher that they intend to sue him for "outstanding membership fees".

The teacher has allegedly recently received notice that the QTU intend to sue him for over $1500 in "outstanding membership fees".

The teacher feels that this is unjust.

The QTU side of the story.

A spokesperson  for the QTU made the following comment :

"When members wish to notify the Union of their wish to resign, under the Union's Constitution and Rules they are required to give notice to the General Secretary in writing.

If a member's status becomes unfinancial and such notification has not been received, the QTU corresponds with the member by letter, email and if possible, by phone to resolve the issue.

If the member fails to respond over an extended period of time the union will follow its procedures including legal action to recoup outstanding dues".

July 2015 update.
I understand the QTU have advised this teacher that they will not sue him.
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