The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!



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The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!

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Reply weary warrior (teacher's hubby)
6:29 PM on September 27, 2009 
Supergirl, best of luck & skill
just remember any supposed win may be temporary & costly to YOU. That's how the system works.

run or hide depends on ur personal situation - can u afford to act yet??? Sometimes holding back may be necessary for YOU; sometimes ACTION

a strategy is to use their system against them... GET THIS: they are complaint-driven but IF you have action against you already then ONLY complaints from higher up in the hierarchy will be effected (ie pollies via ur complaints or pollies via ur support action groups).

Remembering that the system is NOW "guilty before proven innocent" may help... bureacrats have long memories too. While they SAY they don't (& can't) keep records about people/staff, they DO. I worked in compliance in several .govs - it's sick! It's a sociopathic mindset.

Depending on how well you network & HAVE KEPT FACTS, this battle is easy or hard. U may get them to back off for a while - we've have a lull for 8 months but postings are due :-) We ahve planned other options now depending on EQ's next move. That REALLY helps relieve stress - was not my wife's orig pref but happy now.

IF u choose to fight on: Keep pedantic records - get statements from as many ppl as u can (NOW) - get copies of official docs if u can - be careful who u trust.

Knowing this, my view these days: Take action if u MUST but just to buy time to GET OUT of the firing line... (pretend to be all submissive & sorry while in the ed system, learn MORE about their rules & psyche as you buy time, then move sideways/up/or out ASAP to preserve ur sanity)

ps. I've been a teacher too & I study organizational culture at a high (post masters) level - the world bureaucracies are moving to a totalitarian style & NOTHING short of a collapse will stop it. Just be prepared (It's REALLY sick)

look after ur sanity - they WON'T (even tho they proclaim the 'right' caring protective things! Sorry u've been caught up in it

I've done a few battles over the decades - choose ur battles wisely - not all can be won; some leave large scars

WW (WW is not so weary now since effecting ways out of the Ed system)
Reply Supergirl
7:01 AM on September 27, 2009 
Hey there fellow whistle-blowers! Life sucks when the bullies gang up. Am about to go to war. Any advice? Should I run and hide?