The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!



Des Houghton thinks we are wasting taxpayers money investigating trivial transgressions.

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 1:00 AM

Des Houghton is a writer who has been very supportive of Queensland teachers, and I usually find his comments make a lot of sense.


But his comment this weekend  "There are simply too many nanny-state tribunals, courts, ethical standards units, equity police and busy-body commissions spending vast sums investigating trivial transgressions". is worrying.


Yes, of course, taxpayers money is being wasted.


But it is being wasted on 'investigations' that have been 'set up' to fail to find out the facts.


And to make the transgressions appear to be trivial.


Investigations are 'set up' to fail when the Terms of Reference are chosen by the person being investigated.


And when the actual disclosure is edited out of the Terms of Reference.


And when the 'investigator' is not allowed to 'find' or 'consider' certain documents.


Or to speak to certain people.


And then more money is wasted writing up new policies based on the findings of these faux investigations.



The problem is not that Queenslanders are making trivial complaints.


The problem seems to be that the corruption is so all-pervasive, and the official processes are so dysfunctional, that the lives of good, decent people are being drained away, explaining the misconduct over and over again to Queensland public servants who will not, dare not 'understand'.


I think Kylie Lang is more 'on the mark' with her observations concerning the Broken Windows theory.


Kylie explains that the theory was "coined in the US in the 1980's, ... championed as New York's answer to cleaning up crime.


Those leading the charge to restore order started with the small stuff : the broken window in a derelict building, graffiti on subway walls, public drinking and urinating.


By cracking down hard on acts considered trifling by some, they were able to stem the tide of larger-scale crime.


Central Park became a safer place to be."


I think the Queensland government need to crack down on the small incidents of misconduct.


To demonstrate that they will not tolerate abuse of Queensland teachers and principals.


To deal with a few of the abusers.


Because I have the impression that at the moment there is so much dysfunction, so much corruption, so much incompetence in the Queensland public service, that workplace bullies feel confident that a blind eye will be turned to their abuse.


Nothing will improve for Queensland teachers till the Queensland government, the Directors-General - and the senior public servants of the Department of Education in particular - demonstrate that they are willing to deal with the trivial abusers.


Insight, Des Houghton, p. 53, The Courier-Mail, April 6-7 2013

Always time for civility, Kylie Lang on Sunday, P. 8, The Sunday Mail, 7 April 2013.


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