The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Kathy Margolis : teachers are told we must differentiate. We try desperately. It is near impossible and we feel guilty that we are not doing enough.

.. Classrooms are overcrowded, filled with individuals with all sorts of needs both educational and social.

Teachers are told we must differentiate and cater to each individual.

Good teachers try desperately to do that but it is near impossible and we feel guilty that we are not doing enough to help the children in our care.


Kathy Margolis's post on her facebook page.

Experienced High School teacher : sanctimonious administrators tell us to do better in our approach to differentiation. It is disheartening.

Those who promote a culture of differentiation no doubt have very good intentions and there are times when it is possible, but the harsh reality is that the average lesson in a high school classroom is a rush against the clock.

Teachers do their best with engaging lessons but they simply cannot cater to the needs of every student when they teach well over 100 students every day.

They are then told by sanctimonious administrators that they need to do better in their approaches to differentiation, which is extremely disheartening.

Throw in endless marking of drafts and some crazy parents and the profession a teacher loves becomes a hard slog.

People make numerous comments about lazy teachers and their endless holidays but the pressures are very real and very worrying.

I started teaching 30 years ago and didn't feel anywhere near the level of pressure that is being applied to teachers now.

I am glad Kathy Margolis has spoken up about what is going on in our schools, but it's a great shame she had to retire first and is a reflection of a too stringent Code of Conduct that abhors questioning or perceived dissent.

Hence my own anonymity.



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