The Teachers Are Blowing Their Whistles!


Please help Robina write a book about the working conditions of teachers.

I need your help.

I began my protest websites in November 2004, when I had lost all faith in the Queensland Department of Education investigation process.

Now my eyesight is worrying me - I am making lots of spelling errors - my hearing is rapidly fading - obviously I am not going to be able to continue much longer.

But nothing seems to have changed.

Queensland teachers are still being Managing Unsatisfactory Performance - attacked and driven into ill health and out of work.

Or to suicide.

So I have decided to write a book about what I have learned about the way that Australian teachers are being attacked and driven into ill health and out of work.

A book may be more effective than this website.

I can't tell my own story because I don't want to defame anybody or drive any of my own bullies to suicide.

But I can spot common patterns of abuse in other people's stories.

I have already sourced several documents written by bullied teachers.

But more would be useful.

Can you write your own story and send me a copy?


Here is an example of the sort of well-written, clearly explained story that I need :


I will not identify people in the text - the book will not be my story or your story, it will be a book of common patterns of behaviour.

But I will dedicate the book to all of the teachers whose stories I have told - if that is what you would like.

So none of us will have defamed anybody, but all of us will have told our stories.



Email me : [email protected]

(Do not use a government computer or email account.)

Or, if you do not want to be identified, send your handwritten or printed document to : Robina Cosser,  PO BOX 156, Edge Hill, 4870

Please do not send email attachments for obvious reasons.


We can do this!

Some Questions.

In addition to your stories, there are some specific questions on which I would appreciate your feedback-



Did you make a WorkCover complaint?

Did you think it was fairly handled?

(The name of your school, the person you complained about and the WorkCover officer who handled your complaint would be useful but not essential.)



I am interested in the stories of people who witnessed teachers being bullied - other teachers, family members, student's parents, etc.

Did you (or anybody else) try to do anything to stop the bullying?

If not, what stopped you / them?

If you (or somebody else) did try to do something - what happened?


Isolated teachers -

Is it true that your internet access is cut off if you become sick after having been bullied?

I have been told that teachers become even more isolated because they can't contact anybody and get help in these circumstances.

Is this true, in your experience? If so, how is it justified - what policy supports this behaviour?


The QTU -

Did the QTU help you when you were bullied?

What did they do?


Your principal -

Did you have the impression that your principal was warned that you were complaining about his bullying?

Who do you think told him?

What happened then?




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